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What's the payback time of a heat pump?

A heat pump that is retrofitted into an existing house or building can save large amounts of money over many years. It is not uncommon for the payback time to be as little as four or five years, that is dependent on the cost of the fuel you are currently using. The annual running cost plus the cost of financing the work usually come to less than the annual purchase cost of oil or LPG gas, so the benefits are immediately felt. 

How much of our electric bill is our hot water?

Hot water is the smaller part of the energy bill compared to space heating usually. An average home uses around 5,000 to 8,000 kW Hours for domestic hot water. Remember if you locate the hot water tank remotely in a garage or have a very large house and need to circulate the hot water you will use more energy. Try and keep it central to points of use.

Do I need Three Phase electricity for my home?

No. Our Stanley heat pumps are single phase designed for the Irish climate that can provide coverage up to around 400Sq. M of floor area. Commercial buildings will usually need a three phase supply or else several heat pumps.

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