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Will all my domestic hot water be taken care of by the heat pump?

Yes. All the hot water you need is provided by the Heat Pump. We provide internal units with 200 litre tank and 50 litre buffer tank. For homes with existing cylinders, we provided a 50 litre internal buffer tank unit. 

Where do I put the Heat Pump system?

The internal unit can be installed inside the house in the utility room. Our heat pumps are quiet enough to allow this. This saves on both installation and also running costs. Your external unit is located outside not too far from the internal unit. The heat pump is always going to be more cost effective to run if placed near where it and or the hot water is used.

Can I remotely control and read our heat pumps settings?

Yes. Smart remote access to your heating system lets you control settings and temperature via website and optional controllers. You can also download an app to your phone or tablet.

Access to data and managing your heating system from your own home, workplace or holiday vacation with our Stanley App.

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