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Can I use radiators with a Heat Pump?

Yes. The radiator supply temperature is linked to the weather and left running for longer periods, so they will not need to be as hot as with gas or oil where they are turned on in ‘bursts’ of heat. You may also oversize the radiators by 35% or so to take advantage of lower operating temperatures. 

To convert from oil/gas to a heat pump – do we have to change our radiators?

Most of the time no, as in our experience most radiator systems are oversized in the first place. In retro-fit situations, where fitting a heat pump to an existing traditional system, you usually find that the existing radiators will work as they are now run constantly or for longer periods at a low temperature governed to change with the weather. Much smarter than simply running the same temperature on a time-clock every day.

Will I use a lot of electricity?

You will use more electricity, as you are using it to heat your home. However, you will not have an oil or gas bill, so you pay less overall. Coefficient of performance, COP is up to 5.1 on our Stanley heat pumps.  COP is calculated by dividing the annual heating demand by the annual energy consumed. So, for every kilowatt of energy used to run a Stanley Heat Pump, up to 5kW of energy is being given to the heating system in return.

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