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Is Heat Pump technology classified as Renewable Energy?

Yes, heat pumps are officially classed as providers of renewable energy by the EU and the International Energy Agency. Using a heat pump will therefore be an easy way usually of complying with your needs for renewables in a new build for Part L regulations. 

What size Heat Pump will I need for my home?

Every home is different. The key to selecting the right heat pump for your home is accurate assessment of the heat that will need to be transferred into your home for heating. This needs to be carried out by experienced and qualified specialists. 

What factors will affect the size of Heat Pump I need?

The amount of heating needed will depend on the potential for heat loss through walls, windows and roofs. To minimise this loss, good insulation is recommended. By insulating first, the size of heat pump selected will be generally smaller and therefore cheaper to run. The location of the home is also an important factor as south facing rooms are generally warmer and require less heating.

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