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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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What are the causes of poor combustion?

When soot deposits form, typically this is a clear indication of poor combustion. Poor combustion can be caused by any of the following:

  • Poor or damp fuel being used
  • Poor chimney draught
  • Lack of Ventilation to the room in which the stove is fitted.
  • Continual low burning

If symptons persist it is best to get your local service engineer to investigate the matter for you. 


What causes rust & how to treat rust on a cast iron surface?

Rust build-up on castings is caused by exposure to excessive moisture and it can occur in cast iron ovens over a number of years if it is not treated prior to usage (i.e. applying a light coat of cooking oil). Rust can be removed using a wire brush/fine steel wool pad. Once the surface rust is removed, dry off with a lint free cloth and apply a light coat of cooking oil to preserve the finish to help prevent future rust build-up. Allow the oil to soak into the casting overnight and it may be necessary to ventilate the room when the oven is operated for the first time after applying the oil.

How much can I recess a stove into an alcove?

It is best to have the stove free standing in the room to ensure it is within the natural air circulation pathways around the room. When a stove is recessed into an alcove or fireplace, the heat from it does not tend to natural convect into the room space but rather radiates to the brickwork/walls enclosing the alcove/fireplace thus resulting in a reduction in heat to the room from the stove.

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