Mary Maloney and her Dartry Range Cooker

Mary Maloney had her Dartry range cooker installed almost 4 months ago . ‘I had a Stanley Comeragh for over 18 years but there was leaks in the Chimney. The outside was perfect but had rusted inside. I went to Shannonside and Conor showed me the Dartry range cooker and I really liked the look of the beautiful enamelled front.’  

Mary Maloney and Dartry Cooker 1

Why did she choose the Dartry? ‘Well I had a cast iron cooker before and I wanted to stay with Stanley. The hotplate on the Dartry is the entire top of the cooker and the oven is quite large. You can do a lot more cooking than on a standard cooker. It also heats the water in no time. The radiators are piping hot even when burning turf. ’

What do they love about the Darty? ‘Great for boiling meet on top and then putting it in to the oven to roast it. Heats up the home very fast and gives me loads of hot water. Following morning the water is still hot enough and the radiators are warm. Its also beautiful to look at. Everyone that comes in says its gorgeous.  ’

Do they have a particular favourite moment? ‘When I am watching TV, my eye would be drawn to the Dartry.’

Mary Maloney and Dartry Cooker 2


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