The advantages of having a stove in your hearth


The advantages of having a stove in your hearth

One of the key and most talked about reasons for choosing a stove over an open fire is that stoves are 3 if not 4 times more efficient. What other advantages are there in owning a stove?

An open fire is only around 20% efficient as most of the heat is lost straight up the chimney. In comparison a cast iron stove from Stanley can be up to 80% efficient. What does this actually mean to you? In fuel terms, you will use less fuel in your stove (ideally up to 60%) and derive more heat from it - save money, save fuel and stay warm. As you are burning less fuel to get more heat, CO2 levels are also reduced.

If you simply want to heat a single medium sized room, the most obvious and suitable solution is a Stanley Oisin stove. Available in matt black for around €499 and can fit into a standard fireplace. Providing the chimney is in suitable working condition, it should be relatively easy to install. We also have the Cara Insert stove with the same input and is ideal where space is at a minimum. 

Combing heating systems is another advantage of having a Stanley stove in your home. If you already have a gas or oil fired central heating system, you can cut your costs by having a dual heating system. That is having your current central heating system run in conjunction with a boiler model Stanley stove. When the stove is lighting it will heat your radiators and water so there is no need to have your oil or gas heating system on at the same time.

The Stanley Reginald central heating stove is one of Stanley's most popular stoves.  It can heat up to 12 standard radiators and burns coal, smokeless fuel dry wood and peat briquettes. Other models include the Erin solid fuel which can heat 9 radiators and Tara solid fuel 5/6 radiators.

Another benefit of a Stanley stove is that the flueing will seal the chimney, making your room warmer even when the stove isn't lighting.

Similarly a stove sets a design statement in your sitting room making it more than just a fire but a piece of furniture in your home

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