Improving you BER (Building Energy Rating) with a Stanley stove


Improving you BER (Building Energy Rating) with a Stanley stove

Whether buying, selling or renting a home, you are now required by law to have a BER Certificate which shows how energy efficient your property is on a scale from A-G or from Green to Red.

In order to make your home greener, a lot of improvements are required particularly with older homes. Outside the obvious improvements - wall and roof insulation, new energy efficient boilers and energy controls, replacing doors and windows - installing a Stanley stove can improve your energy rating by up to 10%.  This is reliant on proper installation and the recommended improvements to the rest of the home

If after all your improvements to your home and you still have an open fire, which many Irish homes have, a lot of the heat in the home will disappear up the chimney. Stanley stoves, which are three times more efficient that your open fire can give fuel savings of up to 60% against your open fire and improve your energy rating by anything up to 10%.

Stanley stoves have certified (HETAS) efficiencies of up to 80%  unlike other stoves. Only certified stove efficiencies can be used in BER calculations (most stoves are not certified and a default efficiency of 60% is used for them in BER calculations)

Similarly, a Stanley stove will make the house warmer even when not in use as it eliminates ventilation heat losses associated with an open fire. Installing a stove into your open fireplace will seal off your fire surround making the room feel warmer and less draughty.

Finally, selected Stanley stoves (Oisin, Tara, Erin Boiler and Reginald) have outside air supply options which are essential for use with Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems, which are required to achieve an 'A' rated house under BER.

Before you rent or buy, please ask to see their BER.  Brought you by Stanley Stoves.

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