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Which size stove to fit my room?

Which size stove to fit my room?

"I'm thinking of getting a stove for my kitchen/living room which is L-shaped. The kitchen is 15ft x 16ft and the living room is 15ft x 11ft, both have a 9ft high ceiling. Which is the best stove for this room? Can I connect a stove to my central heating (9 radiators)? We disconnected a back boiler a few years ago but still have the open fire in the living room."
- Deirdre, Roscommon

This is one of the most common questions I get asked, putting in a stove to replace an open fire is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Not only will the stove create a beautiful centrepiece to your room but they are also up to three times more efficient than an open fire, you can save €7 out of every €10 you currently spend on fuel!

To calculate the best stove for you get the measurements of your room in metres: Length x Width x Height = cubic measurement of your room, then multiply this by a factor of.0606 to get the kW value required to heat your room.

This calculation should be used as a guide -the heat required may vary depending on the level of room insulation. In Deirdre's case she will need approximately 5.9kWs to heat the room. There are a few options from Stanley that might suit your needs:

  • Stanley Oisin has a room heat output of 6.4kW
  • Cara Insert stove has a room heat output of 6.5kW or
  • The new Aoife has a room heat output of 7.3kW

In answer to the second part of Deirdre's question, while you cannot connect a stove to a back boiler, by removing the back boiler and connecting a boiler model stove to the exisiting pipework you can use a stove to efficiently heat your entire home. Prior to installing the boiler model stove, the existing pipework should be checked by your installer to ensure that it complies with current regulations and meets the Stanley installation requirements. The best options to heat Deirdre's room and 9 radiators are:

  • Stanley Lismore will give 5.5kW of heat to the room and will heat up to 10 radiators.
  • The new Cara+ Insert stove which will fit into the fireplace opening giving 3.6kW of heat to the room and also heating up to 10 radiators, perfect if you have a radiator in the room.
  • Another option is the Stanley Erin; this is roughly the same size as the Lismore stove but will provide more heat to your room (6kWs) and heat up to 9 radiators.


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