How to get the best from your Stanley stove

How to get the best from your Stanley stove

We get a lot of queries on how to get the best from your stove, how to clean stoves and general upkeep. I'll tackle a few of these topics today; don't hesitate to send in your questions if you have another query.

FIRSTLY how to get the best from your stove, the heat you get from your stove is dependant on the type of fuel you burn, all fuels should be stored under cover and kept as dry as possible prior to use. A multi-fuel stove can burn anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood, do not burn fuels with high moisture content such as damp peat or unseasoned timber as these will aff ect performance and damage the unit. The fl ue ways of your stove should be cleaned every month and the chimney should be cleaned twice a year.

BURNING soft fuels such as timber and peat can sometimes stain the glass of your stove; you should only clean the glass when the stove is completely cold. To clean the glass use hot water and a soapy cloth, for stubbornstains use fi ne steel wool on the glass. Burning anthracite once a week will create enough heat in the stove to burn off any residue on the glass.

THE VITREOUS enamel finish on your stove is tough and hardwearing but should be treated with care. To keep the enamel in the best condition wipe the cold stove daily with a soft damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth. For stubborn stains use a soft soapy pad, only use products or cleaners recommended by the Vitreous Enamel Association. Please do not use abrasive pads or cleaning solutions containing citric acid on the enamel surface. To clean your matt black stove you only need to use a dry cloth to remove dust or dirt, using water on the matt black finish may cause it to rust.

TO CLEAN your range cooker the same principles apply, cleaning should only be carried out when the cooker is cold. Again you should wipe your cooker with a damp cloth and polish with a dry cloth every day. If milk, fruit juice or anything acidic is spilt on the hob be sure to wipe it immediately to avoid discolouration of the enamel finish. In the oven, spills and fat splashes will carbonise at high temperatures, occasionally brush out with a stiff brush, please do not use any oven cleaners on your cast iron range. The oven shelves can be soaked and cleaned with a cream cleanser.


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