How do I reduce my home energy bills?

How do I reduce my home energy bills?

Have you any advice to help me reduce my home energy bills without spending too much money? John in Carlow.

This is a question that I am regularly asked, as homeowners in the current climate are looking to maximise the savings returns on energy improvement measures undertaken. In the table below I have outlined various energy savings measures a householder can undertake, starting from a very low cost base, while outlining the potential savings that can be achieved with each measure in a typical 150 m² home.

€5- €10

Just making a small investment of replacing your standard light bulbswith CFL bulbs will result in savings within one year.

Investing in CFL lightbulbs costs approximately €5. Depending on the bulb, CFL light bulbs canlast up to three years.

Fit draught excluder to outside doors (€8 - €10)/door

Despite the higher costs of CFL light bulbs, you'll have paid back your investment within one year, and you can look forward to 75% energy savings after that.

Will reduce ventilation heat losses and pay for itself within 2 months

€15 - €100

Fit a lagging jacket to hot water cylinder (€15 - €20)

Fit heavy lining to curtains - cost can vary

Fit chimney balloon to seal up chimneys not in use €25

Get an annual service of your heating boiler €80/€90

Will keep water hotter for longer, will pay for itself in 3 months, annual saving €60

To reduce heat loss

To eliminate ventilation heat loss associated with chimneys/stops draught in room.

Pay for itself within 3 months

Reduces your heating fuel consumption by 3 - 5%

€100- €600

Fit solid fuel stove in place of open fire

Upgrade the level of attic insulation from say 100mm to 300mm (approx €500 net cost after SEAI grant of €200)

Install heating and zone controls to your central heating system €400/€500 (after SEAI grant of €400)

Stove is 3 times more efficient than open fire - typical savings of €150-€200 per annum

Reduce heat loss by 20/25% Greatly reduces heat loss through the roof with typical annual savings of €250

Will result in savings of up to 20% - typical savings of €300 - €350 per annum,return on investment within 2 years.


Install/Pump polystyrene insulation into uninsulated external cavity wall of your home €800/€1000, there is an SEAI grant of €250 for cavity wall insulation

Will reduce home energy bill by 20 - 30% with typical annual savings of up to €300

€1,000 +

Replace your old (greater than 15 years) central heating boiler with a new condensing boiler or cooker (efficiency 90%-95%)

Typical cost €1500 - €2000 (SEAI grant available in conjunction with heating controls)

Solar panels to heat water €4000 - €6000 to install (SEAI grant of €800 available)

Savings of up to 20% / €340 annum on typical house

Typical annual saving €300/€400

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