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For over 70 years, the iconic Rayburn by AGA has been the warm heart of many British homes, leading the field in cast-iron central heating range cookers.

A Rayburn is a totally flexible and controllable cast-iron range cooker that will transform your kitchen in to a welcoming space. As good looking as it is practical, the choice of fuel types, size of appliance and 16 colours makes choosing a Rayburn the right choice for your home.

Along with Waterford Stanley, La Cornue  is part of the Middleby Corporation, the leading global provider of commercial kitchen equipment. For more than 100 years the company has been innovating and leading the way in foodservice and you’ll find Middleby brands in many of the world’s most famous kitchens.

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Not only do Rayburn cookers make delicious food but some models also have the ability to provide you with central heating. There is a boiler to suit every home - the smallest Rayburn model is able to heat two to three radiators and the largest model is able to heat up to 20 radiators. With a model that provides heating and cooking, you can still cook without having to use the central heating, as the twin burner models have separate burners for each of the tasks. Certain models also have a programmer that allows you to set the heating and cooker to come on separately.

With various sizes, fuel types and colours to choose from, the modern Rayburn is perfect for life in today's kitchen. 

With a choice of cooker only models, cooking and hot water or cooking, hot water and central heating models, a Rayburn can provide a solution for all your heating and cooking needs in one cast iron appliance.


There are Rayburn range cookers which are designed to offer the functionality to cook only. As with all Rayburn models, these cookers feature cast-iron ovens which use the principle of indirect radiant heat cooking, which is kind to food, locking in its flavour, moisture and goodness. 

From high-heat cooking, which helps bring out the best in vegetables to grilling, boiling and baking, the Rayburn masters all culinary styles. 

In this range you can choose from our compact 200 Series up to our larger 600 Series cooker models as well as a choice of fuel types from solid fuel and wood, oil or gas. 

View our cooking only models here.




With an AGA Rayburn central heating range cooker, you can have all your heating needs in one cast-iron appliance. That means you can enjoy a cosy, warm kitchen, hot water for all the family and heating for the rest of the home from one stunning appliance.

AGA Rayburn boilers are stringently tested to give proven performance and efficiency. They are designed to operate from a variety of fuels, each with highly developed combustion chambers and advanced burner technologies. Whether it's solid fuel, wood, oil or gas, AGA Rayburn has a model to suit your heating needs, with a variety of boiler outputs that will heat two or three radiators. Plus, a constant supply of hot water.

Available in our compact 216 model up to our largest 699 model, there's a Rayburn to suit any home.

View our cooking, hot water and central heating models here.


There are Rayburn models which provide the capacity to offer a constant supply of hot water as well as cast iron cooking. These models are ideal for those who do not have space to fit an additional boiler. 

Choose from our compact 200 Series using solid fuel and wood or our 308K oil-fuelled model.  

View our cooking and hot water models here.


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