Waterford Stanley is delighted to add another sister brand 'La Cornue' to our Family. Along with Waterford Stanley, La Cornue  is part of the Middleby Corporation, the leading global provider of commercial kitchen equipment. For more than 100 years the company has been innovating and leading the way in foodservice and you’ll find Middleby brands in many of the world’s most famous kitchens.

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La Cornue are a high end, luxury kitchen appliance brand and have been in business since 1908. As a member of the Excellence of French Savoir-Faire, they produce the finest kitchen ranges in France, USA, UK and all around the world.Knowledge, the finest materials, and a relentless dedication to improvement are the driving forces that lead La Cornue every day to make the finest cookers in the world. 

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Each range is made by hand and the labour is intensive. Each worker is a specialist, understanding the greater goal.

They are not just craftsmen, but companions to each range along its journey from inception to crated final product. They are experts in steel, copper and brass, inspired by great design, working as a team to create an inspired tradition.

True excellence can only be achieved when every step in the process is in pursuit of perfection.

For over 100 years, La Cornue has continued to build upon Albert Dupuys initial convection innovation. They’ve expanded the design, introduced new styles, but still maintain that it’s all done for one reason, and one reason only: the pleasure of the customer. Our reputation is fortified each day by those who engineer, build, refine, test, and polish each La Cornue. As a result, the name La Cornue represents a renowned spirit.

La Cornue Range Cookers

Featuring unique vaulted ovens and timeless design, La Cornue Range Cookers combine traditional style with the latest technology to ensure outstanding cooking results. With a choice of two superb La Cornue Range Cookers aimed to match different budgets, there is something for every enthusiastic cook – from the prestigious La Cornue Chateau Series through to the mid-range and more contemporary La Cornue Cornufé 110. 

Cornue Fe -Image1CornuFé 

The first step into the world of La Cornue

Powerful yet playful, the CornuFé is an ideal option for gourmets who wish to enjoy the excellence of La Cornue without having a haute-couture range.

A convection oven, high-performance burners or induction, and combinations of colours and finishes offer pleasure for the eyes and the palate.

This high-performance piece makes the French mode de vie accessible to everyone.

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Chateau -Image3Château

Created in 1964 by the second generation of the Dupuy family, the Château line affirms the unique savoir-faire of La Cornue and champions the Maison La Cornue in the world of luxury cuisine.

The culmination of more than 100 years of research and development, each Château range is entirely handmade at our workshop in the Paris region by our artisans whose knowledge and savoir-faire are passed on from generation to generation to offer you culinary performance and elegance.

With a choice of configuration, colours, finishes... no less than 8000 possibilities are available for you to make your range "tailor-made," just like your desires, your dreams, and your appetites.

Each Château is a masterpiece whose every detail has been designed to make your kitchen unique.

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In 1908, in the heart of Paris, Albert Dupuy ignited the flame of elite cuisine. It was there that Dupuy premiered the world’s first convection oven. At the time, most ovens were mere flat-topped cavities that held racks suspended over a fire. The majority of people simply considered cooking to be heating food to eat. But Dupuy pondered: “What does it really mean to cook?”

He developed his oven with a vaulted ceiling to usher heat around the food, rather than trapping it to burn beneath. To enable optimum precision, the oven drew upon the city gas lines that were winding their way to homes and street lamps throughout the City of Light. Dupuy christened the oven La Cornue after the French term cornue — the system for refining the gas that warmed the new creation.







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