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There is an AGA cooker for every cook and every kitchen. If you've ever owned an AGA, we don't need to tell you how food tastes better or explain the unique warmth of an AGA kitchen. 

AGA 7 Series 150 in Linen

What has changed is the variety of AGA models now available, in sizes from 60cm to 210cm, and the vast majority of AGA cookers can now be switched on when you need them and off when you don't, saving both time and money. 

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AGA Video Library

How to cook healthy on an AGAAGA have an extensive library of videos from test drives, to using the controls to healthy cooking on an AGA.  For anyone considering purchasing an AGA but are unsure which AGA series is relevant, the test drives are an excellent resource to help you understand the functionality and cooking capability of each AGA Series

AGA Series Test Drives 

At AGA, we understand that life is changing, and you now need your kitchen to work harder for you than ever before. That's why there are two types of AGA cookers you can choose. Both cooker use radiant heat, however, a 24/7 Radiant Heat model or R series is designed to always be on and ready to cook whereas an Everyday Radiant Heat model or eR series is more flexible, and can be switched on and off as required. Under AGA Series Test Drives we have the following videos.  Test Drive videos are typically 20 minutes plus. 

  • AGA eR3 Series Test Drive and eR3 Series Large Models Test Drive (160cm, 170cm, 210cm) 
  • AGA eR7 Series Test Drive 
  • AGA eR7 Series Control Panel demonstration 
  • AGA R3 Series Test Drive
  • AGA R7 Series Test Drive

In addition we have playlists to showcase how to cook healthy on an AGA Cooker 

Vitreous Enamel

Enamelling ProcessAGA cast-iron cookers are not spray-painted, instead they are coated with multiple coats of hardwearing vitreous enamel.

AGA vitreous enamel is comprised of a frit, which is a compound of natural minerals including glass particles and a blend of metal oxides, this is colour matched and mixed to create the characteristic AGA colour shades.

Multiple coats of the enamel are then applied, layer upon layer, and kiln-fired each time. This vitreous enamel coating offers a strong, easy-to-clean exterior which is resistant to high temperatures and heavy use.

There are 16 beautiful vitreous enamel colours to choose from, including contemporary neutrals, classic colours and brighter shades. 


Benefits Cast Iron

Cast Iron 2AGA food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better, using kind-to-the-food radiant-heat to seal the food, locking in moisture, goodness and flavour.

The heat radiates and is transferred to the cast-iron ovens, releasing steadily from all surfaces simultaneously, ensuring a gentler cooking process than the fierce direct heat of a conventional cooker.

This radiant heat cooking method is what preserves more of the food's moisture, flavour, texture and goodness.

Cast-iron also reduces cooking smells and flavour transfer, making it possible to cook a variety of dishes in the same oven at the same time, unlike other range cookers.

The ovens in an AGA cooker include: Roasting Oven, Baking Oven and Simmering Oven.


Induction Technology

AGA_NEW_Induction _Hob _FullInduction cooking is safe, fast and efficient and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to cook.

Many cast-iron and conventional AGA range cookers now feature an optional state-of-the-art induction hob for optimal cooking flexibility.

The state-of-the-art induction hob available on AGA cookers offers a host of innovative features, which help to create a precise and highly controllable experience, ideal for those who love to cook.

In addition, induction hobs are easy to clean and maintain with easy-wipe surfaces to remove any spills with minimum effort.

An induction hob is an optional extra on a number of newer AGA models including the AGA eR3 Series, AGA eR7 Series, AGA R7 Series, AGA R3 Series and AGA Dual Control.

If you are looking for a conventional cooker with an induction hob, explore the Mercury and AGA Masterchef Deluxe models.

AGA Running Costs

Reasons 4AGA running costs depend upon the model that you own, the fuel supply you use and how you use your cooker. The Everyday Radiant Heat range of AGA cookers, which includes the AGA eR3 Series and the AGA eR7 Series, are much more controllable and are designed to be switched on and off as required. These newer models can run from as little as £11.48* per week.

The 24/7 Radiant Heat collection are designed to always be on and ready to cook. Whilst the models may be more expensive to run, they also take the place of other electrical items such as heaters, an electric kettle and a tumble drier.

New AGA Models

The AGA eR3 Series and 7 Series models now provide increased flexibility and greater control, providing the opportunity to lower running costs significantly thanks to fast heat up times and the ability to allow individual operation of ovens and hotplates. In addition, adjustable temperatures and the ability to turn off functions when not required enables you to control how much energy you use. For example there is no need to leave hotplates on since they are designed to heat up in 10-12 minutes.

* Source AGA UK 

Reconditioned Versus New

AGA-e R7-Control Panel _ON_AngleAGA cookers are designed to last for many years, decades in fact. It is because of this longevity and the superior craftsmanship which goes in to creating each AGA cooker that some people consider buying a used AGA instead of a new one. However, a new AGA cooker will offer greater flexibility, improved energy efficiency and new features, such as induction hobs, compared to buying a used, refurbished AGA or reconditioned AGA which may be full of pitfalls.

Advantages of buying a new AGA

  • You get exactly the product you want, purpose built. Our most recent AGA cooker models are electric and they offer:
  • Additional controllability and flexibility – resulting in lower running costs.
    • In-room venting which means that you do not need an external flue and can sit anywhere in your kitchen.
    • Induction hob options.
    • Combination of cast-iron ovens and conventional fan oven (eR3 Series)
    • No regular servicing required.
    • No concrete plinth required

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