Stanley Stoves are Ireland's No 1 stove brand. Our solid fuel stoves are available in free standing and Insert room heating and central heating models. 

SOLIS K50 Pellet Stove

  • Save money every day - Three times more efficient than an open fire and up to 80% efficient
  • Survey among Stanley owners revealed that 78% see their fuel bills cut since installing their stove
  • Check out our Stanley Stories from people who have a stove in their home

A Stanley Stove delivers common sense and comfort. Its good looks enhance any room, while the 21st century fuel efficiency provides a cosy fireside glow and lower energy bills.

Over 400,000 Irish households have already said yes to the control, efficiency and comfort that comes as standard with a Stanley Stove.Stanley Stoves, bringing warmth to your home

Talk to someone who knows

Follow your heart to Stanley, and if you need convincing, talk to somebody who already has one. They'll tell you how much you save, and how much more to gain.

Why not check out our Stanley Stories from people who have stoves in their home

Waterford Stanley Stoves Supplier

Save money everyday

Three times more efficient than a traditional open fireplace, a Stanley Stove is the affordable and stylish way to reduce your home heating costs. With class leading fuel efficiencies of up to 80%, a Stanley Stove simply produces more heat from less fuel helping you stretch your fuel budget further.

Waterford Stanley Stoves

78% of stove owners see fuel bills cut

A survey conducted among Stanley stove owners in August 2013 revealed that 78% of respondents had seen their fuel bills dramatically reduced since installing their stove. When asked how much they felt they had saved, all respondents felt they had saved, and a third felt they had saved between 30-60%.

A staggering 87% of respondents said that in this age of austerity having a stove installed will make a 'big difference' to your family finances and 80% said 'it's a no brainer to have a stove in your home'.

- Survey was conducted online with 101 Stanley Stove Owners in August 2013.

Waterford Stanley Stoves

Take control of your home heating

You'll love the freedom and control that a Stanley Stove provides. Packed with features for finger-tip control of your heating, a Stanley Stove is the flexible way to heat your home using a wide range of solid fuels including wood, coal and briquettes. Say hello to more control and good-bye to high home heating bills forever.

Prepared for any weather

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that we all need to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring us. Come hail, rain or shine, your Stanley Stove will be there for you; providing controllable, efficient heat when you need it.

designed with pride in Waterford

As Ireland's leading Stove Company, based in Waterford, each stove bearing the Stanley badge of quality is designed to the highest standards. Our Stanley retailers are on hand to help you choose the right stove for your home. The Stanley Customer Service Team in Waterford is always on hand to provide expert support and access to a high range of authentic Stanley accessories and parts.

Advanced features for better performance

  • Clean Burn Technology controls air flow in the Stove firebox to maximise efficiency.
  • Cast Iron Build holds and radiates heat, giving an even temperature once the stove is lighting.
  • Quality Components made from best in class materials and hand built in Waterford.
  • Dual Position Grates burn wood logs or smokeless fuels with equal efficiency. (Lismore only)
  • Superior Grade Enamel gives a high gloss finish with longer lasting shine.
  • Thermostatic Controls control the burn rate

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