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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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What warranty policy do I get on my stoves?

Stanley solid fuel stoves are covered for up to five years after the date of purchase under our 5 year warranty. Proof of purchase must be provided and the product identified by the model/serial number. All warranty claims must be made on the official warranty claim form, reflecting the specific nature of the problem.

For more information on our 5 year warranty, please click here.

On all other fuels electric,oil and gas, Waterford Stanley will replace, free of charge, any working part that fails (under normal operating conditions) within 12 months of purchase.

Should I protect myself against Carbon Monoxide?

Yes. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas, it is produced by incomplete burning of carbon based fuels. COhas no taste, smell or colour and can be present in the fumes (combustion products) of gas, oil, solid mineral fuel or biomass burning appliances.

Solid fuel and biomass are safe to burn if the appliance is installed, maintained and used correctly.  Waterford Stanley recommends the fitting of a CO Alarm, UK Building Regulations Approved Document J now makes it compulsory to fit an audible CO alarm complying with BS EN 50291:2001 with each new or replacement solid fuel/biomass appliance. For more information read our Carbon Monoxide Awareness Leaftet.

What room size can the Cara Insert stove heat?

The output of our Cara Insert stove is 6.5kW and will heat a standard room with a 9 foot ceiling and an area of 20 foot x 20 foot with standard insulation.

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