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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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What causes glass to blacken on a stove?

The stove glass will self-clean when there is sufficient heat generated by the burning fuel i.e. when the unit is operated at the maximum air settings (i.e. Keep secondary air  damper above the fire door open). If a build-up of creosote occurs on the glass it may be due to low draft conditions, poor quality fuel or operating the stove at the minimum air settings for long periods of time. The glass should be cleaned when cool and cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth using warm soapy water. For stubborn deposits, a grade 0 steel wool can be used whilst taking care not to scratch the glass with any coal/ash deposits. 

Are there hotplate options available?

Hotplate options are available on the Fionn and Ashling solid fuel stoves.

How do I regulate the heat output?

Depending on which stove you have, you will either have a damper (primary air),thermostat or spin valve, which will allow you to easily regulate the heat output.

Check out our video on using the controls on your stove. 

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