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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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Do I need to line my chimney when installing a Stanley stove or cooker?

To determine if a flexible flue liner needs to be fitted, the integrity of the clay liner in the chimney should be inspected prior to installation. In the event of chimney not being of sound construction, not capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1000°C or exhibiting any cracks or leaks, a clay pot adaptor should not be used and a suitable flexible flue liner should be fitted.

If the clay pot adaptor kit is being used, the fireplace opening & flue gather should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure all soot deposits are removed. If this can not be achieved it is recommended to fit a flexible flue liner to allow any potential fumes from these soot deposits to be vented up around the flue liner when the stove is in operation.


How do I clean the chimney?

You will require a chimney sweep to clean the chimney. It is best to provide a dedicated chimney cleaning sootbox.

Should a chimney contain bends?

When fitting a solid fuel appliance in line with building regulations, flues should be vertical wherever possible and where a bend is necessary, it should not make an angle of more than 45° with the vertical.

It also advises that within the clay pot liners, bends above the flue mouth may help to reduce splashes of rain and soot that may fall on the hearth but the angle of the bend should be no greater than 45° and preferably less than 30°. For these reasons it has traditionally been standard practice for clay pot chimneys to be built with a sweeping bend incorporated in it and not have it completely vertical.

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