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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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Can I install a solid fuel stove into a new build?

The current building regulations (Building Regulations Part L) state that all new dwellings must provide a minimum of 10 KWh/m²/annum (m2 of floor area) contribution from renewable sources to energy use for space heating and hot water, or 4 KWh/ m²/annum of electrical energy from a renewable source.

  • Renewable energy sources are classified as follows:
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Wood and pellet stoves
  • Wood pellet/chip boilers
  • Heat pumps

In the case of a wood burning stove, it must be installed in the largest living space to fulfil contribution to renewable energy (as detailed in the DEAP Manual) of the renewable energy requirement.

There is confusion in the marketplace with builders, architects and consumers alike who are under the impression that solid fuel stoves legally cannot be installed into new builds. While our Stanley solid fuel stoves will not contribute to the 10KWh/m2/annum contribution from renewable resources, this does not pre-empt them being installed.  You can install multi fuel stoves with or without central heating and a multi fuel stoves will improve your BER rating compared to an open fire by 10% , 3 times more efficient than an open fire.

Woodburning stoves are dedicated woodburners which means you can't burn anything other than wood or you will damage the appliance. Woodburning stoves are most popular in room heating only models and there very few central heating models in the marketplace.  It is important to note that woodburning stoves will contribute a percentage (not all) of your renewable resource requirements and the unit must be fitted in the largest living space in the house.

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