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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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Should the handle on the Cara Insert be on permanently?

No. The handle on the Cara Insert stove is not meant to be permanently fixed to the door rather it is meant to be detachable. Instructions for use of same are as follows:

To open the door, insert the silver end of the handle into the door latch on the fire door, turn the handle clockwise and pull the door towards you. To close the door, insert the handle into the door latch as before, push the door closed, turn the handle anticlockwise to engage the door catch and remove the door handle.


How to clean the chimney on a solid fuel stove

Prior to installing the stove, consideration must be given to providing access around the unit to allow for general cleaning and maintenance. All Stanley Solid Fuel Stoves contain either a removable baffle (Non Boiler Models) or a boiler cleaning plate (Boiler Models) which allow for access to the stove flue outlets to provide access for cleaning. On non boiler models when connected to the top chimney outlet, it will be possible to clean the chimney from the stove using a flue brush and chimney rods. For other types of flue configurations (i.e. certain boiler models and where sharp bends are used), it is most likely that access to the chimney system will need to provided by means of a cleaning door on the flue pipes connecting directly to the stove. 

The chimney should be cleaned twice annually or if the stove is not used for a prolonged period during the summer period, it should be cleaned prior to commencement of usage. Always use a brush with plastic bristles that is the correct size to reach all areas of the flue. For flue systems containing different diameter pipe sizes, flexible flue brushes, such as the Sooteater Rotary Chimney Cleaning System, are available which ensure all areas of the flue are thoroughly cleaned. 

Where can I get spare parts?

At Waterford Stanley we stock spare parts on all our stoves and cookers we sell today and hold spares parts on stoves and cookers discontinued up to 10 years. 

Your local Stanley Centre or Stanley stockist will be pleased to supply spare parts and to provide any other information your require. For further information on your stove or cooker and exploded views, go to the Technical Manuals section or to find your nearest Stockist.

Any further product or service information can be obtained by calling the Waterford Stanley Sales Department.

  • ROI  - 051 302 333
  • NI  - 028 8772 2195
  • UK - 0870 751 2521
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