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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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What causes smoke in an oven?

All solid fuel cookers contain a steam escape (usually a hole in the casting on the top of the oven) which transfers the excess moisture from the oven into the flue pathways of the cooker. In order for the cooker to work correctly, the chimney system to which it is connected must generate a negative draught to remove all smoke/fumes from the cooker. This negative draught is also used to create a suction in the oven which allows the steam escape to remove any excess moisture into the flue pathways and in turn into the chimney system.

Usually when a customer is experiencing smoke in an oven it is caused by a lack of draught in the chimney system resulting in the steam escape working in reverse (i.e. smoke being sucked into the oven rather than steam vented out). It would be best to get an engineer to inspect the unit for you and he will also be able to measure the draught generated by the chimney system with a view to identifying the root cause of the smoking issue. 

What is the best fuel to use in my cooker or stove?

All our multi-fuel cookers & stoves are designed to burn antracite, coal, turf, timber or briquettes. Due to the damp climate prevalent in Ireland, if burning turf, timber or briquettes it is essential that they are stored in a dry environment as they tend to absorb moisture which will affect the heat output they generate. For that reason, from our experience, coal or anthracite tend to be the best fuels to use as they do not require specfic storage facilities and produce the highest heat output per kg. 

What is the most efficient way to operate an oil cooker?

How to operate the unit will largely depend on the heat duration requirements i.e. if the house is vacant for periods during the day, it would be best to have the unit timed to come on for a period in the morning and then in the evening prior to the house being occupied.

If heat is required throughout the day it is best to have the ambient temperature set by room stats which bring on the heating as required to maintain the desired temperature. In this case it is best to have the unit available to come on as the stats require as more energy is usually consummed bringing a heating system up to temperature than used when maintaining it at a desired temperature. 

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