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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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Will I burn less fuel with my Cara Insert stove?

In comparison to an open fire one being 27% efficient (average efficiency open fire) and the other 78.4% efficient (Cara Insert stove) we estimate that you burn up to 60% less fuel in a year compared to an open fire.

What can causes a stove to smell?

From our experience, providing that there is no smoke emanating from the unit the following can cause a smell or odour when a solid fuel stove is operating:

  • Flue pipes sealed with silicone rather than fire cement.
  • If connected to an existing fireplace and a clay pot adaptor was used to connect to the flue liner, soot deposits on the flue gather could possibly burn off when the unit & the surrounding area is heated up.
  • Laquer/varnish on one of the surrounding materials producing an odour when heated up e.g. coating on fireplace finish.

If you have a carbon monoxide detector in the room in which the stove is and it is not detecting any issue, it should rule out any fumes emanating from the stove during burning. If none of the above is helpful in identifying the issue, it would be best to contact your local service engineer. 

What fuels can you burn in the Cara?

The Cara Insert stove is a multi fuel stove which allows you to burn anything from wood and peat briquettes to coal and anthracite. Do not use fuels with a Petro-coke ingredient as this may cause the grate to overheat, causing damage. Reduced outputs will result when fuels of lower calorific value are used.

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