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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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What are the causes of condensation in my cooker or stove?

Dampness/water in the firebox of a cooker or stove is caused by condensation (i.e. the flue gases cooling to the point where the gases turn to liquid). This can be caused by the following:

  • Poor or low flue draught - The chimney system to which the unit is connected does not allow for an adequate flow of air through it to allow the fire in the unit to reach its optimal operating temperature.
  • Cold Chimney - Condensation develops on start up of the fire and until the necessary heat is transferred to the chimney system to establish the required draught.
  • Circulating Pump running constantly - The pump should be controlled by a pipe stat attached to the flow (or return) pipe to the cylinder. If the pump runs continuous, the boiler will not heat up causing the fire to be cooler and the flue gases from same to be lower.
  • Damp Fuel - Poor quality or damp fuel will effect the heat generated by the fire and the flue gases from same will be cooler.

Can I use the Cara stove with a back boiler?

Unfortunately the Cara Insert cannot be connected to a back boiler and you will need to remove it before your Cara can be installed. We have a boiler version of the insert called the Cara+ Insert which will heat up to 10 standard radiators and provide 3.6kW of heat to the room. 

Can the Cara Insert heat radiators?

Yes, the Cara+ Insert stove can heat up to 10 standard radiators and provide 3.6kW heat to the room.

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