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Stove and Cooker FAQs

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What is the maximum allowable moisture content for fuel?

We would advise that fuel with a maximum moisture content of 20% are used in any of our stoves.

How to season a stove after installation?

After installing a stove it is recommended to run a couple of small fires starting off  to permit the refractory to set properly & to season the stove. Then run the unit at maximum output for a couple of hours to burn off all the remaining storage coatings on the stove (these are on the stove to prevent it from rusting during storage).

When operating the unit during these initial firings, it is recommended to keep the room well ventilated as an odour will be emitted that will be unpleasant but this odour will subside after the initial firings.


What standards are Stanley solid fuel stoves tested to?

All of our stoves are tested to the current applicable European standards either EN13240 for freestanding stoves or EN13229 for inset stoves, these standards do not require a test for particulates so we do not measure particulates as standard.

We have developed a range of woodburning stoves for mainland Europe where there are local requirements in relation to the particulates. Our Woodburning stoves for these markets have been tested for particulates and the measurements taken in accordance with the Din plus test method were in the range 23- 37 milligrams per normalised meter cube.

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