About Waterford Stanley

An Irish company with a long and proud tradition
About Waterford Stanley

An Irish company with a long and proud tradition, Waterford Stanley has been bringing warmth and comfort to homes for generations, stretching back to when the first range cooker was made in Waterford in 1936. The Stanley brand inspires instinctive loyalty and appeals strongly to Irish consumers. The sense of family, cosiness and a relaxed and traditional lifestyle are values that Stanley owners aspire to, and Stanley meets these aspirations with its collection of expertly crafted, cast iron range cookers and stoves.

Stanley combines superb craftsmanship and design to create products that suit a modern lifestyle and bring people together over good food, warmth and a strong sense of heritage.

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    • 1850's - Dobbie Forbes Foundry of Larbert, Scotland was established
    • Early 1900's - Original 'Stanley' cast iron range cooker was developed alongside another cooker brand Livingstone no doubt in honour of the two famous explorers.
    • 1929 - Allied Ironfounders acquired Dobbie Forbes
    • Early 1930's - Irish Government put trade barriers in place
    • 1936 - Allied Ironfounders (Ireland) Ltd set up a plant and began production at Bilberry, Waterford, of black painted and graphite Stanley Numbers 6, 7, 8 & 9 range cookers, and a smaller cooker called the Waterford Dover.
    • 1950's - Aga, Rayburn and Truburn range cookers were made in Waterford over the years for the Irish market and much photographic evidence still exists in Waterford, of Rayburn cookers being built on assembly lines at Bilberry.
    • Stanley Oil Fired Old Image1960's - 600 employees were employed at the Waterford plant in the 1960's mainly down to the success of what was to become the world famous range of Waterford Colorcast cookware.
    • 1960's - A H Masser, a large equipment appliance company based in the Dublin area acquired the business in the early 1960's and it became Masser Ironfounders. Major quantities of venetian blinds were made at this time, giving rise to the employment of a large female workforce.
    • 1972 - Closure of the railway line from Bilberry site to North Station in Waterford city, now known as Plunkett station.
    • 1973 - Masser Ironfounders joined the TMG/Smurfit Group, was renamed Waterford Ironfounders Limited and became a part of a group of foundries and engineering companies in Ireland, such as Tonge & Taggart, Masser Food machines, Hammond Lane Foundry, Pierce Engineering.
    • 1979 - US President Jimmy Carter's mother, Lillian Carter, re-launched Waterford Cookware in New York and the Waterford brand received coast to coast coverage on television networks.
    • 1982/1983 - After being placed in receivership in October 1982, the company was acquired by Frank Cruess-Callaghan and Owen Conway in March 1983 and it was at this stage that the company became known as Waterford Stanley Ltd.
    • 1980 & 1990's - Developed the Stanley Super Star cooker and moved from the traditional solid fuel cooker to gas and oil models.  Constant innovation brought a Twin Burner cooker and many new stove models in gas and oil to the market, together with offering the customer a choice of up to 20 different enamel colours.
    • 2000 - The company was purchased by investment company PRICOA Capital Group Ltd and appointed new management team.
    • 2001 - Evolution of the Stanley Centre concept. Situated in major urban areas, the Stanley Centre is "a store within a store", while introducing a whole new customer retail experience.  There are currently 18 Stanley Centres located throughout the country, featuring full working models.
    • 2005 - AGA Foodservice Group now AGA Rangemaster acquired Waterford Stanley Limited
    • 2010 - Waterford Stanley becomes a stove centre of excellence launching the Cara Insert and Reginald stoves which contribute 50% of incremental sales growth in 2010.  All design development and manufacturing of the Groups stoves originate from Waterford.
    • 2011 - The Stanley stove phenomenon has gone from strength-to-strength. Today the Company employs 103 people and is responsible for selling Stanley range cookers and stoves, Rayburn range cookers, Rangemaster, Falcon and Redfryre range cookers.
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    Waterford Stanley SuperstarStanley's plant in Bilberry Waterford was set up in 1936 by Allied Ironfounders, the predecessor company to AGA, as a sister facility to its foundry in Larbert, Scotland. Stanley range cookers were launched alongside Rayburn range cookers in the 1920s - both were companions to the Livingstone cooker.

    In the 1960s Allied Ironfounders was acquired by A H Masser Ironfounders.  Two Masser employees were E W Campbell and A J Cooke who managed the Irish AGA agency and who subsequently acquired the agency themselves creating Campbell & Cooke which were the agency for AGA in Ireland. Campbell & Cooke's Managing Director is David Cooke son of the founder and is now part of the KAL portfolio of products which are in turn part of the Gowan Group.

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    Cara InsertSince 1936, the company has been renowned as a range cooker company, however in the past 15 years we have evolved more as cast iron stove company. In fact, Stanley has become synonymous as the No.1 brand of stoves in Ireland and the nation's favourite.  All activities from research, design of the stoves, and manufacturing to technical services, sales and marketing are all carried out in Waterford

    Why are  Stanley Stoves are so popular?

    • Stanley stoves popularity is down to stoves being three times more efficient than an open fire and acting as a stunning focal point in any room
    • Stoves stoves offer you fuel savings of up to 60% and improve your building energy rating by an average 10% over an open fire.
    • Independent research has shown that while anything up to 70% of the heat from an open fire goes straight up the chimney, stoves retain as much as 80% of the heat in the room.

    Designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland, Stanley employs 100 people in Waterford city. 2010 and 2011 saw our stove business increase by 30% and 35% respectively with our new stoves the Cara and Reginald contributing 100% of the incremental growth in 2011.  To facilitate the increase in stoves sales,  Waterford Stanley was appointed 'Stove centre of excellence' within the AGA Rangemaster group which means that all new product development, efficiency testing and all expertise for Stanley and AGA stoves stems from Waterford.   We are the experts for the group in all things stoves.

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    Brandon LifestyleOver 300,000 homes throughout Ireland have a Stanley product, which are currently available in a range of enamel colours, with matching accessories. Stanley products offer unique functionality; radiant heat, central heating, hot water and cooking all combined in one single unit. Stanley products have a reputation for longevity, reliability, quality, style, warmth and comfort. Waterford Stanley's long-standing brand loyalty and excellent reputation underpin the company promise to "turn your house into a home".

    There are currently 21 Stanley Centres located throughout the country. Most of our 21 Stanley Centres feature full working solid fuel stoves on display offering you a sense of warmth and an indication of what they will look like in your home.

    Heating experts are on hand to provide you with all the necessary information needed to help you make your stove purchase. Call in today and Feel the Warmth!

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    Brandon Condensing Close Up'I cannot believe it does all this - gives me lashings of hot water, heats my home, and cooks the most amazing food and looks so good, it's a real focal point.'

    'I could not be without my Stanley'  

    'We practically live in the kitchen now'

    'I adore my Stanley' would not be without it'

    'My Stanley offers complete comfort'

    'Our Stanley is so much more than a cooker - it's part of the family'

    'Went to a friends house who had one, loved the warmth of it and just thought - 'I have to have one'

    'It's just so stylish'

    'I just love my Sunday roast from the Stanley'